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Getting motivated! TriffidChick set to soar this year...

Time to knuckle down. I'm really doing this. Feel like I have just been kidding myself that this is what I am going to do. Now it is time to accept that this is what I'm doing and just get the hell on with it!

Good to start with a goal. I have realised (am hoping) that having a market stall is going to be a great way to boost sales. So now the focus is to build up stock to have a great looking stall.

I have had lots of ideas in the pipeline and now it is time to knuckle down, be fierce and just get this shit done!

There are plenty of distractions available around here.

There's the veggie patch to look after. Animals to look after play with and pat... And a hammock to swing in, just to mention a few :-)

You can see why I have trouble staying focused. Oh yeah and now I have started this blog ...heh.

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