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Plenty of excitement going on around here!

Lots going on at the moment and I have ... been ... very ... slow ... to ... update ... my ... blog!

First things first. A couple of months ago I got the urge to progress things further with TriffidChick and was looking to do something with a permanent retail space. I was looking into options and becoming more and more intimidated with the overheads. But part of my research was to speak to some local artists and get their feedback on my ideas. I was lucky enough to speak to local artist Mandy Munro who offered me the serendipitous opportunity to join her in Lyrebirds Lair Gallery in the quaint and historical village of Wandiligong.

I mulled it over, but not for too long. How could I knock back an opportunity like this? Hop, step and jump and I have been installed in the Gallery for over a month now. It is a beautiful space at the Old Wandiligong Library, filled with natural light and history and Mandy's amazing work.

I freely admit that I was fully blown away by the opportunity that I had been given and unsure whether I could live up to it, but so far I have been getting great feedback. We are just leading up to some busy times so it will be interesting to see how things go from here. I have some big ideas for work to put into the Gallery so now I have to knuckle down on that.


Meanwhile, I have realised I need to supplement my income and utilise some of the equipment that I invested in for TriffidChick and go back to an idea I had when I was planning what to do with my redundancy a couple of years ago.

And so the concept of TriffidPrint has been reborn. Originally I had a plan to operate this as a business at a retail space in town and lease a huge production printer, but again the overheads were terrifying, so after a lot of research and idea development I dropped the concept. Recently though I have done a substantial amount of printing for a project that my brother has been working on and I realised that this was something I could easily do with my equipment and know how.

So now I am launching TriffidPrint Document and Printing Services as a sideline and hopefully it takes off enough to help with the bills!

And yeah I'm still trying to keep up with the veggie patch :-)

All these seeds I have planted, hopefully they grow into something great.

Have a browse around the website, I have done a fair bit of updating. Cheers!

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