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New spaces, places and faces!

It's time for another long overdue update on what has been happening in the land of TriffidChick! I had a busy spring, summer and autumn period between spending time at the beautiful Lyrebirds Lair Gallery in Wandiligong and doing a few extra markets in the area. I had a great time meeting new people and taking TriffidChick to new places.

Spending time with at Lyrebirds Lair Gallery was a great experience for me. The Old Wandiligong Library is a beautiful space filled with wonderful art, old world charm and lovely natural light. I got to meet so many different people who took the time to stop in for a look and I had many wonderful conversations about life, the universe and art of course! Spending time with artist Mandy Munro and being surrounded by her art and heart was an inspiring experience for me and I will always be grateful for the time that I got to spend in that beautiful gallery.

I did several different markets including a very breezy one at Harrietville and the Wandi Nut Festival in Autumn. Then on a very foggy morning in May I headed out to Freeburgh for their annual hall fundraiser market. You could've cut the fog with a knife, it was that thick. It was a totally different set up from any market I had been to yet, "just set your stall up anywhere you like" they said! And I did. It is a great little community market with a warm and friendly atmosphere, plenty of food and music and a car boot sale to boot!

The fog soon cleared and it was later in the morning that I was approached by a couple who were opening up a small gallery in Bright. They really liked my work and asked if I would be interested in coming on board. I said I was interested but to be honest I was pretty burnt out by then and was looking forward to having a quiet time for a while after such a busy spring, summer and autumn. After a little bit of gentle persuasion and consideration, I decided that it was a great opportunity for TriffidChick so I decided to get on board and not miss out on such a great opportunity. So another push to get a decent quantity of stock into the new gallery and it has been full speed ahead! The Gallery has been really well received by locals and visitors, so it is really exciting to see how it will go ahead into the future.

Now I have a bucketful of new projects to knuckle down and get stuck into so that I can have some brand new designs and products ready for Spring!

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