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Always Evolving!

The life and fortunes of a self employed maker are always changing and keeping you on your toes! I have had a great last 12 months. Being invited to be a part of the Goats and Lions Gallery was very affirming for me as a self doubting creative! Craig and Kellie of Goats and Lions have done a great job of showcasing local talent to the community and visitors to the area. You can never underestimate the value of creative partnerships and I am very grateful to have had their support. This part of my journey is over for the moment and I would just like to remind people to get out and support local artists, makers and producers!

Now I will be focusing my attention on markets, online sales and more creativity and designing! The funny thing about the way that I have chosen to present my work is that a lot of time is spent purely on production. The last few months have been particuarly busy and I am looking forward to quieter times where I can exercise my creative muscles a bit more.

Let's see what happens next...

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